1. Development at 14th and T: Good News, Bad News Edition by Jule Banville

2. McCain Camp Has Its Own Tawana Brawley by Jason Cherkis

3. Breast Cancer Awareness Cake: FAIL by Amanda Hess (The Sexist)

4. The McCain Volunteer Mugging Story Turns On Alleged Victim by Dave McKenna

5. Palin Talks Science, Fails by Jason Cherkis

6. Mark Wahlberg Talks to His Agent by Tricia Olszewski

7. High Heel Race Seeks Volunteers by Amanda Hess (The Sexist)

8. Sarah Palin Porn Enters Production by Amanda Hess (The Sexist)

9. Former ANC Commissioner Indicted for Causing Huge Forest Fire by Jule Banville

10. Palin’s Shopping Sprees Might Be Illegal by Jason Cherkis

Photo from Sunday’s D.C. United game by Flickr user studio79