Erin Connealy from Mt. Pleasant was the first to respond to our Shill for Your Favorite Restaurant feature. Erin’s obviously a teacher’s pet, because she followed directions perfectly, even if she needs to learn how to spell “their.” Her PR pitches are unedited.

1. Lebanese Butcher and Restaurant: I have never had anything from this restaurant that wasn’t completely delicious. It’s cheap and has good sized portions and everything on my plate is perfectly spiced. I love the way they do simple things in a lovely way, like thier hummus which is so tasty. Also, they have several lamb dishes that are so interesting and perfect. Their lamb sausages are also great.

2. Brasserie Beck: I can take my parents here and have a great meal, like the braised lamb shank or I can take my just out of college siblings here and still have an affordable evening sharing a bowl of delicious mussels. I’ve eaten at the bar a few times and gotten spectacular service, although it can get quite busy. I have also had slow leisurely meals in the dining room tasting staff recommended and hard to find Belgian beers.

3. Sakana Japanese Restaurant: Great sushi and they are always bustling yet have room for me. Thier rolls and thier nigiri sushi are both excellent and it doesn’t have the hype of other sushi places in DC, but I never have to wait too long and can get a 20 ounce Kirin or 2 during the meal. Nothing too fancy or elaborate, but they have a great selection of sushi and the chefs out front do a great job. I have never had a bad meal here but sometimes get carried away and order far too much because everything is so good!

Want to be featured in Shill for Your Favorite Restaurant? Send an e-mail to and give me the three restaurants in the D.C. area for which you would risk your reputation, the three that you’d shill for without losing sleep at night. I need specifics -lots of loving details-why you’d serve as their pitchman (or woman).