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Yesterday Wonkette noted Los Angeles CityBeat‘s Oct. 29 cover, which features the candidate of a major political party seated in Arcadian splendor, being attended by two feral cats, a long-horned goat, and a unicorn.

But the Barack Obama/unicorn meme runs much deeper than that. Two weeks ago, Creative Loafing in Atlanta (owned by the same company as City Paper) published a cover featuring Obama riding a unicorn, presumably on some sort of sacred mission (maybe to rescue CL from bankruptcy?).

Then there’s this. And this. And, God help us, this (as far as I know, Cherkis has no plans to get the latter as a tattoo, but he should consider it).

I understand the superimposition of what even a year ago seemed like a fantasy (Obama taking the nomination) with mythical beasts. But what happens when fantasy collides with reality? Will we see more unicorns if Obama wins, or will Bob Barr start riding them?