I wrote a column this week about a horse that Bruce Springsteen tried to buy for $850,000 as a gift for his kid, then tried to not buy.

Sure, the guy makes more than that in a night, and, yup, horses cost a lot of money.

But, still. He’s Bruce Springsteen. And Bruce Springsteen doesn’t slip up, ever. Cal Ripken’s the only other real-life superhero I can think of who’s been in the spotlight so long with so few blunders.

Seriously, take away that line “Got a wife and kid in Baltimore, Jack!,” from 1980, and he’s never said anything wrong or dumb when the tape was rolling.

I mean, did you see Springsteen’s pitch for Obama in Philadelphia a few weeks back? Can you believe that the guy in the flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and talking about “I want my house back!” tried to buy a horse for $850,000? And, worse yet, messed the whole thing up? And got caught?

Me neither.

I also can’t believe that Bruce only plays Japanese guitars at these Obama events. But that’s another story.