Sometimes careers end on national television:

Bloomingdale (for now) declares: “downtown bloomingdale is booming! yoga district has a sign up now (it’s just a temp. looking one, hopefully a more permanent one is coming soon). but what’s that next door?!? another commercial space is getting fixed up?” We didn’t know there was a downtown Bloomingdale. Zing!

The Heights Life reports The Panda Express is open. It’s Official: Columbia Heights Has Now Become The Most Awesome Food Court Ever. Um. Blogger admits that PE is not their first choice for Chinese food.

Life In Mount Vernon Square feels like hating. Hence, the blog’s entry today:

“tonight i went down 4th street to do some business near kingman park(oklahoma and benning road ne) neighborhood. as i passed 4th and L i recognized McKenna mobile feeding station located on private property that happens to be own by the taxpayers. i was wondering what happened to that truck. they moved it to the tranny hooker turf under the windows of Museum Square Apartments. SOME has SOME nerve.”

Can SOMEone please decode this? I’m pretty sure SOME=So Others Might Eat. If so, well, jeez. Another person that hates on community organizing.

The Triangle has pictures of the firehouse at 400 Mass. It’s part two in a series I guess.

Brightest Young Things has some awesome pictures of the Jay Reatard show at the Black Cat this past Tuesday. Here were my mental notes from that show:

wow, diverse crowd (nerds, older nerds), wow there’s a kid who knows all the words and he’s under 21, I wish I was under 21, this song sounds like Husker Du, I am old, this song sounds like “Slack Motherfucker,” I am old, wow Reatard is an amazing guitarist, I think I’m having fun, my feet don’t hurt yet.

Logan Circle News has some info on an upcoming DDOT meeting.

Dish-Trict kills with a shout out to some tasty cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (post includes recipe).