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Brilliant, Mike Licht, brilliant.

The blogger over at Notions Capital has a plan to pay at-large council candidate Michael A. Brown back for his incessant phone calls over the past few months:

Call him back . . .

Campaign Office: 202-629-4240 Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP: 202-478-7383

Fax him . . .


or email him . . . mbrown@eapdlaw.com

with a message like this:

Hello, Michael Brown. This is John Q. Public. I’ll be voting on November 4th, but not for anybody who uses “Robo-Calls.” So next election, don’t use automated phone calls to annoy me and invade my privacy.

How many times should you send the message?

How many times has Michael Brown robo-called you ?

If LL were truly mean, he would post Brown’s cell phone number. You might be able to convince me in the comments.