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7-Eleven likes to say that its 7-Election coffee cups have called the last two presidential elections, which bodes well for Barack Obama. The convenience store chain’s customers have been purchasing far more Obama cups than McCain cups; the Democratic nominee leads the GOP candidate 60 percent to 40 percent.

But over at BGR: The Burger Joint, the results are leaning more conservative. At last count on Friday afternoon, Mark Bucher, the founder and co-owner of BGR, says that the McCain burger is besting the Obama burger, 862 to 848. Does this mean that the national polls and the 7-Election cups have it all wrong? That the race is tighter than everyone believes?

Doubtful. It’s probably just a reflection that the Southwestern McCain burger, topped with poblano chili and chipotle peppers, is far tastier. The Obama burger is a dubious meat-on-meat combo: a patty topped with a Vienna beef hot dog from Chicago. Personally, my stomach will vote for the McCain burger every day.