What’s wrong with redistributing a little bit of wealth, anyhow? WaPo has the answer.

*Next thing you know, McCain’ll be fighting to keep Utah in the fold.

*A closer-to-home kinda observation: Halloween was on a Friday this year, which translated into lots of revelry in my home turf of Logan Circle. I ventured into the alley with a family member on Saturday morning, and there was all kinds of urine all over the alley walls. Everywhere. Smelled pretty bad. But we hung out anyway.

*Speaking of Halloween, check out this WCP feature. You can’t really understand America till you look at this.

*We are barely covering the school board races, which feature well-meaning folks running for ceremonial positions. DCist is on the case, however.

*Like Carol, this falls into the category of oldie but goodie: Annie’s Paramount Steak and Seafood House, on 17th Street NW. Two individuals whom I know quite well went there on Sunday, ’round brunch time. Said it was fab, from the burger to the service to the atmosphere.