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For much of yesterday, I debated whether or not to go to Obama’s last rally—being held tonight—in Manassas.

Pro: It’s Obama’s last rally. It’s history. Bruce Springsteen may be there. If not Bruce Springsteen, may be Mark Warner(!) will be there. Obama has not tired of giving a great speech. His “closing argument” is pretty powerful. I’ve been obsessed with the election. Sometimes my obsession has become a burden to friends and colleagues. It’s hard to hold a conversation with someone who regurgitates the latest poll numbers, who sounds like he has “Election Tourette’s.” By attending the rally, I will be surrounding myself with other election freaks. That could be fun, right?

Con: The rally is in Manassas. It is an hour away without traffic on 66. There is always traffic on 66. Obama people are letting people in at 5 p.m. The rally starts at 9 p.m. There’s no way to get there without sitting in traffic for a long time. This would mean the making of sandwiches, carrying a blanket, wearing winter-like clothes, and perhaps lying to a boss about why you’re leaving work early. Did I mention the rally is in Manassas?

What are you gonna do?