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Morning all. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty was apparently stumping for Barack Obama in Dayton, Ohio, this weekend.

WaPo’s Nikita Stewart runs down the at-large candidates’ weekends on B1: “[Carol] Schwartz…spent yesterday on a grocery store tour that wound through five wards, including stops at a Safeway in Ward 7 and a Whole Foods in Ward 3. [Michael A.] Brown…went on a church circuit, gripping the hands of parishioners. [Patrick] Mara…went to a Mass in Ward 7 and then canvassed in wards 2, 3 and 6.”

GOOD POINT—-“If Brown loses, Gray will have spent political capital that in the long run could cost him in stature because his endorsement would not have delivered a win.”

On Saturday, Colby King delved deeper into the Green Team vs. Blue Team meme: “At stake is Fenty’s ability to effectively govern during his next two years in office. Fenty’s opponents, working behind closed doors in the John Wilson Building, in unions and in select D.C. churches, are using this election to stack the legislative deck against him—-a goal they think they can achieve by capturing Schwartz’s at-large seat.” Trenchant analysis, but two demerits for Colby: (1) He took an embarrassing correction for saying Kwame Brown endorsed Michael Brown and (2) he bizarrely spent the last third of the column on his Vincent Schiraldi witch hunt.

INCIDENTALLY—-Former WaPo editorial board member King doesn’t seem to think too much of the power of his ex-colleagues’ endorsement(s): “Republican Patrick Mara…pose[s] little threat to Michael Brown.”

Jonetta Rose Barras endorses Mara and Mark Long in her Examiner column: “Fiscally responsible, socially progressive, bright, energetic and thoughtful, they offer fresh approaches for dealing with seemingly intractable problems affecting the city. Media organizations, political operatives and pundits have praised both men. Each time, however people have suggested the duo can’t win because of the political machines backing their opponents or the high name recognition of other candidates….All that is required for Mara and Long to win is for voters to ignore that kind of peripheral chatter and choose individuals who can best affect the District’s future.”

Blogger OffSeventh endorses Kwame and Mara, et al. D2 route goes for David Schwartzman.

From the Sunday WaPo election pullout: “District of Columbia (3) The overwhelmingly Democratic city could give Barack Obama one of his biggest victory margins of the night. Eleanor Holmes Norton will be reelected as delegate to Congress. But Republican Carol Schwartz, running as a write-in candidate, probably will lose her at-large council seat to Michael Brown, the son of the late Clinton commerce secretary Ron Brown.”

The Post endorses in the SBOE races: All of the incumbents, plus Lillian Perdomo in Ward 1, Mark Jones in Ward 5, and Cameron Poles in Ward 7. DCist does a quick primer on the new board makeup. The Ward 7 Connections blog has good info on that ward’s race.

Bill Myers in Examiner: MPD deputy chief Josh Ederheimer demoted by Cathy Lanier. “[S]ources within the department told The Examiner that Lanier has grown increasingly angry about embarrassing leaks of department goings-on.” He’s replaced as head of training by former Metro Police Chief Polly Hanson, who, Myers writes, “worked for then-Metro General Manager Dan Tangherlini….’It tells me that Mayor Fenty is running the department and that Dan Tangherlini is making personnel decisions for the department,’ [union head Kris] Baumann said. ‘Nobody should have any confidence that their jobs are secure under this administration.'”

Also from Myers: “District of Columbia officials routinely violated city spending laws, burning through tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and raising disturbing questions about whether the public’s purse is being carefully watched.”

PAUL STRAUSS DWI FOLLOW-UPS—-From the Examiner; from WJLA-TV/NC8; from WTTG-TV; from AP; from Metblogs D.C. And Hamil Harris works it in to the WaPo’s obligatory piece on the shadow sen race.

Watch Tom Sherwood on the at-large race (from Friday). Includes Michael Brown responding to concerns on business dealings.

WaTi editorial board conflates a congestion tax with a commuter tax. Which means they’re agin’ it!

Gary Imhoff has good Election Day info in themail: “[C]all [the DCBOEE] hotline, 727-2194, if you encounter any difficulties or witness any improprieties that can’t be resolved by your precinct captain. The hotline will be staffed by the BOEE’s general counsel, Ken McGhie, who can also be reached at ogc@dcboee.org. In addition, the US Attorney’s Office has named Howard Sklamberg, deputy chief of the fraud and public corruption section, to handle any complaints of election fraud or voting rights abuses. He can be reached at 514-6961.” DCWatch is also running a Citizen Precinct Survey here.

DCRA gets a nice shout-out in Saturday’s New York Times for its student housing compliance efforts. Pats on the back for Linda Argo and Mike Rupert. [REPORTER’S NOTE: When LL was in college, Student Housing Association never returned his calls. Nice to see the NYT gets treated the same way.]

Biz Journal reported Friday that Vincent Gray is asking financial types just what kind of debt should be included in his proposed tightening of the city debt cap.

Bill Turque on D.C. Wire: “Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) president George Parker was censured by his executive board this week, the latest reflection of unhappiness with his leadership in the contentious contract talks with the D.C. school system.”

WaPo Sunday A1: Theola Labbé-DeBose on D.C.’s new crime-alert text messaging system. Georgetown business owner Ed Solomon “got the idea for text messaging crime alerts when a store was robbed near his bridal and formalwear shop. Police came by a few days later to drop off a wanted poster. By then, the suspect was long gone. ‘We can do better than that,’ Solomon thought.”

Marc Fisher has a question: “Will voters in the northwest Washington neighborhood where Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Frank Winstead crusades against sidewalk ping-pong tables, benches and double-parked delivery trucks rise up and take a stand for street life?”

Three fired at DDS in wake of “Mr. Johnson” case, reports WaPo. “Identities of the three employees let go were not released. [Interim AG Peter J.] Nickles said one employee left voluntarily, one was fired and the third was a “private matter.” The Washington Continent also files.

Banita Jacks to St. E’s for 45 days for psych review. “I don’t choose to talk,” she’s quoted saying in the Post. “I’m afraid if they do talk to me, they might think I’m crazy, and I’m not.” Next hearing Dec. 19.

Turque in the Sunday WaPo on the state of paying students. Local peg: “Capital Gains has emerged as an issue in this fall’s at-large D.C. Council races. At an education forum last week, candidate Patrick Mara said he was ‘completely disgusted’ by the idea at first but is now willing to see how it works. Incumbent Carol Schwartz said she never would have proposed such a plan but doesn’t object. Incumbent Kwame R. Brown and challenger David Schwartzman are opposed.”

“Four D.C. police officers were injured when two cruisers collided just after 9 p.m. Saturday,” reports WRC-TV. “The officers were responding to a call when the accident happened at Martin Luther King Avenue and Howard Road in Southeast. One of the cruisers hit a building.”

Nickles sues BofA into the Stone Age. AP story; Biz Journal story; WUSA-TV story.

An Obama win could mean a D.C. House vote, reports Gary Emerling in the WaTi. The McCain position on D.C. voting rights, if you didn’t know: “I do not support legislation to give the District a vote in Congress because I believe that such a law would be unconstitutional.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton speaks at Charleston, S.C., NAACP event. “U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton feels a special connection to North Charleston,” the Charleston Post and Courier writes. “No, she never lived there. But she has a distinct memory of a past U.S. representative, the late John McMillan, whose House district included the area. And as chair of the District of Columbia Committee, he kept her home town from getting self-government….’John McMillan and his kind not only deprived many of you of your rights, but he reached up.’ through the South, Norton said…’His fellow Southerners were responsible for the continued segregation of the District of Columbia.’

GWU folks still ticked about losing beloved cop.

Your WTOP election primer.

Kevin Carey at Education Sector weighs in on the Michelle Rhee v. Council tussle. Plus more Rhee-related blogviation.

An “Unasked Question for Obama,” from a WaTi columnist: “You have received the backing of the teachers unions and have called for more federal spending on public education. So, if you are elected president, will you send your daughters, Sasha and Malia, to the D.C. public schools, as President Carter did with Amy? Would it not be hypocritical – in essence saying, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ – to do otherwise?”

BroadbandCensus.com writes the definitive piece on FiOS coming to D.C. A masterful example of trade reporting!

DC Education Blog lays into UDC for their sporting problems.

THIS IS COMING A LITTLE LATE—-How the homeless can register to vote.

A solution for “unking” might be found in early-’80s Philly, writes Robert L. Woodson Sr. in WaPo’s Close to Home.

“Don’t get freaked out if you see military aircraft overhead Monday….The North American Aerospace Defense Command is planning a one-day flight exercise in the Washington area.”

MEDIA WATCH—-“Washington Post earnings fall 86%,” reports Biz Journal, “thanks to a hefty goodwill impairment charge and accelerated depreciation from its printing presses.” Goodwill impairment, you say?

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-No meetings or hearings scheduled.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-10:45 a.m.: remarks, leaf collection kickoff, 4300 block of Douglas Street NE; 6:30 p.m.: remarks, Campbell Heights Residents Council community meeting, Campbell Heights Apartments, 2001 15th St. NW.