Don Rockwell, founder of the online foodie board, has come to Tom Sietsema‘s defense after the Washington Post retracted the restaurant critic’s First Bite review of the Commissary in Logan Circle. Writes Rockwell:

This is a tough standard, and I stand solidly behind Tom on this one (while at the same time understanding the Post’s decision). Perhaps he should have mentioned a disclaimer, but from what I know about Tom Sietsema, he is professional enough to remain objective, regardless of any potential conflicts of interest, actual or perceived. He’s done it in the past with Breadline, Stoney’s, etc., and from where I view things, he’s maintained extremely high integrity, year after year. I’ll come right out and say that I’ve dined with Tom in the past where he is recognized (and fawned over), and it did not affect his reviews in any way that I could see. Ever since I became forum host at eGullet, I’ve used aspects of his approach as models for my own behavior, and these remain in place to this very day.

Your turn: What do you think about Sietsema’s mini-review and the Post‘s retraction?