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Before you go to the polls, check out LL‘s endorsements.

D.C. Gov has something you need. A website where you can figure out where your polling place is. So go find out where to vote. They also have a voter guide.

Yes He Can. We put him up to it. And he’s doing it! Arthur Delaney is running for a spot on a local advisory neighborhood commission in Ward 6. (Check City Desk all day for updates on his historic run).

New Columbia Heights offers its own endorsements — with nods to Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss and Patrick Mara. And Obama.

The 42 explains how the electoral college works.

Wonkette describes Sarah Palin as a “doomed loser snowbilly.”

Andrew Sullivan is still pissed about Palin not releasing her medical records.

WTOP wonders: Can Obama win the popular vote and lose the election?

Coates has a nice video of old ladies doing the “Obama Hustle.”

Note to readers: We will have round-the-clock election coverage on City Desk, Sexist, and the rest of our blog universe. We’ll have video! And we also got a twitter up and running! So check out the homepage throughout the day.