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Morning all. LL cast his ballot this morning at Precinct 22. He arrived at about 6:45 and was 180th in line. Third in line was Doug Eyde, who arrived before 6 a.m. “I always do this,” he told LL. “There’s twice as many as four years ago.” LL voted after about 75 minutes; by the time he left more than 700 were in line at precinct where 1,443 had voted four years prior.

REMEMBER: District polls close at 8 p.m. If you’re in line by then, you vote. If not, you don’t.

Here’s LL’s endorsements, one more time. LL is also tenatively scheduled to appear on Kojo to discuss the polls. Tune into 88.5 FM at 1 p.m.

This will be an abbreviated edition of LL Daily, so LL can get out of the office and burn a little shoe leather.

Latest from WTOP: “Voters showed up prepared with lawn chairs, coffee and crossword puzzles in the District, reports WTOP’s Mark Segraves, who has been checking polling places in the District….At 8:40 a.m., Segraves reported it was taking a couple of hours to vote. At one precinct in Southeast poll workers have run out of ballots for curbside voting, he says.”

From WUSA-TV: Ward 3 resident takes McCain advocacy to extremes; pro-‘Bama neighbors return in kind.

BRIEFLY IN THE POST: “King Memorial Planners Receive 3-Year Extension”; “Police Identify Victim Of Afternoon Shooting”

Sez Neibauer in the Examiner: “There are few guarantees in life, but here’s one: Democrat Barack Obama will win the District’s three electoral votes….And he will win in a landslide over John McCain.”

Also in Examiner: “The District will pay $200,000 to install security cameras at the Rhode Island Avenue, Congress Heights, Deanwood, Minnesota Avenue, Fort Totten, Takoma, Brookland-CUA, Columbia Heights, Georgia Avenue-Petworth and Tenleytown stations.”

WaPo endorsement rundown.

Agence France Presse on pay-for-grades plan.

Hot rundown of ANC 2E meeting

Fenty et al. put the kibosh on three scofflaw used-car dealers.

More on Foggy Bottom cop transfer, from Bill Myers.

“D.C. black community basks in historic time,” writes Karen Goldberg Goff in the WaTi. With obligatory Ben’s Chili Bowl lede!

Biz Journal on Hill East development bids. And CP’s Housing Complex, too!

WAMU’s election day news flashes.

WJLA/NC8’s election day preview. And WWTG’s version.

“I am e-mailing you both this morning in the fear that a man that I was homeless in the streets of downtown D.C. with (who himself had been homeless for about 10-15 years) was beaten to death over the weekend in the hallway of the Permanent Supportive Housing unit assigned him on about the 4th of last month.” From a letter to councilmembers reprinted by homeless advocate Eric Sheptock.

More absentee ballot anxiety, this time on Georgetown U. campus.

Bloggers sound off on local races: Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Rudi Riet, D2 route, Fifth and Oh, Mr. T in DC, Yes, Let’s Talk About This, Richard Layman, Bread for the City

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-No meetings or hearings scheduled.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-10 a.m.: casts his vote for president, Sharpe Health School, 4300 13th St. NW; 8 p.m.: D.C. Obama Campaign Election Night Party, Madison Hotel, Dolly Madison Ballroom, 1177 15th St. NW.