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For tips on your D.C. ballot choices today, please check out our Loose Lips endorsements—perhaps the most thoroughly researched set of editorial choices you’ll find anywhere out there. We’re talking about agonizing editorial sessions poring over the candidates’ respective positions, their energy for politics and the public good, and the level of experience and dedication they bring to the profession—all these things, and much more figured into LL’s endorsements.

Here’s a wrap-up:

*Write in Carol Schwartz for another at-large term on the D.C. Council. Sure, there are some arguments for ushering Schwartz off the council, and the Washington Post is making them. Though the Post‘s endorsee, Patrick Mara, is a fine and energetic candidate, his candidacy has been propped up by the D.C. biz community. And commercial interests already have plenty of spokespeople on the council.

*Vote for Kwame Brown in the same at-large race (You get two choices in this one.).

*Whatever you do, don’t vote for Michael A. Brown. Just not a good idea. Not only hasn’t Brown distinguished himself in two previous campaigns for public office, he has done several things that call into question his integrity and judgment.

*There are other races on the D.C. ballot, including school board, shadow representative and senator, congressional delegate, advisory neighborhood commission, and president of the United States, but the at-large council race is where your voice will really be heard.

Stay tuned for an amazing Loose Lips breakdown of voter turnout and its impact on the at-large council race. How many write-in votes will Schwartz need to keep her spot on the council?