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The following commentators give “hoping against all hope” a new meaning:

James Pethokoukis at U.S. News & World Report:

For what it is worth, here is why John McCain just might pull it out today, or at least tomorrow morning: 1) The new Battleground Poll has him down by 1.9 percentage points, 2) internal McCain polls show him gaining fast or leading in key states, 3) the stock market is up today, 4) Karl Rove picked Obama.

Roger Kimball at Pajamas Media:

Nevertheless, I continue to think McCain can pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Why? Not because of any complex statistical alchemy but for the simple old fashioned reason that I do not believe the instinct for self-preservation has been entirely bred out of the American electorate.

Rick Moran at American Thinker:

The exit polls from 2004 showed Bush losing Virginia – a state he carried by 10 points while indicating a 16 point win for Kerry in Pennsylvania, a state the Democrat carried by 3.

Listen to the best pollster in the business and ignore what you hear.

See-Dubya at Michelle Malkin’s blog:

I won’t bow down. Not to the Obamessiah. And I won’t change–or if I do, it certainly won’t be a change he directs, and it won’t be into his idea of what I ought to be.

But maybe that won’t even happen. I remember going to bed in November 2000 thinking the same sort of thing about the incipient presidency of Al Gore. And look how that worked out…

As I said, it is out of our hands. Remain vigilant. Do not bow down. Do not give up.

Stay tuned for more round-ups from the (desperate) conservative blogosphere.