Through years of hearing that this business is on its way to extinction, I’ve always figured that newspapers won’t go away as long as guys take dumps.

But I’m reconsidering my rosy, bowl’s-half-full outlook, all because of today’s Washington Post.

I hit the reading room this morning expecting to have my pick of stories and columns about last night’s Skins/Steelers game. After all, ads that ran throughout the radio broadcast from FedExField promised I’d be able “read all about it…in tomorrow’s Washington Post.”

All I got from the Sports section was a photo of Shaun Suisham kicking a field goal in the first quarter and a disclaimer: “The game ended too late to be included in this edition.” The section’s lead article was about Thursday’s Maryland/Virginia Tech game. Real timely stuff.

And this wasn’t the sports section from the roadie edition you get at truck stops in Dumfries and Aberdeen. This was from the home edition that was delivered to Petworth, right smack in the middle of the city.

The damn game didn’t end any later than “Monday Night Football” games have been ending since I delivered the damn paper in the 1970s, and I used to go to bed at halftime knowing I’d be able to read about what I missed when I woke up.

How could the Post let this happen?

I’m mad. The unexpected lack of Skins info ruined my morning.

Am I going to have to start bringing my laptop into the, um, reading room?