The Corner’s Kathryn Jean Lopez will believe in anything.

A note from one of her readers:

As I stood in line, I looked around and assumed I was the only person who was going to vote for McCain (aka voting against Obama). As I waited outside the voting booth, I noticed that the curtain had a “hole” in between those metal things that it hangs from – I’m tall and it was in such a place that I could see who she was going to vote for. I indulged my human urge to be nosy and see who she voted for. I also chose to be a masochist and watch her pull down the thingie for Obama.

oops, she voted for McCain.

I’d like to see the Vegas odds on two people in Greenwich Village voting McCain back to back.

I know it’s optimistic (in the extreme) to think this is being played out again and again in Greenwich Village but it did make me wonder just how often today, in the privacy of the booth, people are going to go against the conventional wisdom and vote McCain.

Please forgive me for not reading into this, and stay tuned for more round-ups from the (desperate) conservative blogosphere.