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Our poll watcher, Doug Sparks, reports in from Richmond at 11:50 a.m.

This morning, Sparks says, there was a three-hour wait to vote at his precinct.

There were only slight problems. The most recent thing—the Henrico County Sheriff drove by and planted McCain/Palin signs along a traffic median. “Once those went up, we called it in,” Sparks says. “The Obama folks placed signs on either side of the McCain/Palin signs. Problem solved.”

Earlier in the day, there was an issue with handicapped voters. “They are supposed to bring ballots to the curb, bring a machine outside or do paper ballot,” Sparks says. Poll workers were cool “as long as the handicapped person waited in three hours of rain.”

Another poll watcher got annoyed at seeing this and decided to help out. He moved the handicapped citizens to the front of the line and made sure they got ballots. “There was a minister-type guy who became their go-to,” Sparks explains. “We funneled people to him. They wouldn’t challenge this guy. We solved that issue.”

Of the turnout so far, Sparks says: “There’s no line right now. The line was still two -and a half hours long until about 10:30….. This precinct I’m in, there were probably 1400 votes.” He thinks its 95 percent for Obama.