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Believe it or not, Martin Austermuhle, you’re not alone.

From DCist:

“Did you vote?” a co-worker asked me. “No,” I sheepishly replied. “I’m not a U.S. citizen.” With lines snaking around many a polling places and voters excitedly talking about the potential for history being made today, not being able to vote is something of a downer. Those of us not casting ballots today — the non-enfranchised, if you will — will spend the rest of the day looking for a stray “I Voted” sticker, both to make ourselves feel like we’re part of the process and to help deflect the glares of real voters who may think we’re just ducking our civic duties. But it’s impossible not to share in the excitement surrounding the day. Hundreds of voters were lined up outside Bancroft Elementary School in Mt. Pleasant as I set off to work today, a sight repeated at two other polling places along Columbia Road. Maybe I’ll go fill out the sample ballot my roommate received and put it in a shoebox. I’ll feel a little more like a voter, and Bob Barr will at least get one vote.