A commenter on the newhilleast Listserv commends Watkins Elementary for its election day coverage, which included an array of baked goods and the city’s youngest upstart exit pollster:

I ended up staying in line for over an hour and forty-five minutes, which is never fun, but it was wonderful to watch how the school was interacting with the voters.  . . I saw one teacher, take what looked like a first grade class on a little tour of the people standing in line. The teacher asked questions like, why are these people out here? (to vote, answered the kids), Who are they voting for? (the redskins!, said one little boy).

. . . Finally, after I voted, I experienced my first exit poll, from a second grader! A class of students were out doing exit polling of voters. The expertise of this young new exit pollster leads me to believe, that, 1) most people believe this is the most important election of a lifetime 2) according to her, “no one has told me they voted for McCain yet.”