This time from Jonah Goldberg.

These optimistic anecdotes are tangential to The Corner’s political coverage, but I can imagine a warm sigh coming from the editors as they realize they’re not the only rubes voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin:

I’ve been making calls into Pennsylvania to do last-minute GOTV for the Good Guys. Of the 10 or so times I’ve reached live people, I have gotten three very pleasant-sounding ladies who informed me that they had already, or were about to, cast their vote for “Sarah.” They were pleased to hear that a man from Texas had cast his ballot for the exact same candidate.

I know this is purely anecdotal, and I don’t know if the McCain campaign identified the people on the call lists as likely GOP voters, swing voters, or undecideds, but I can say that I’m buoyed.

Stay tuned for more round-ups from the (desperate) conservative blogosphere.