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Obama may win the District of Columbia with a margin of, like, 82 to 13.

Meaning: It’s no problem walking around town and finding Obama supporters. It’s like air.

A stiffer challenge attaches to finding McCain types out and about. That’s what we did, and here are the results, as narrated by correspondent-in-the-field Franklin Schneider:

Responses to: “Hello, I’m a reporter from the City Paper and I’m looking to talk to a McCain voter.”


*”Good luck with that.”

*Derisive laughter

*”Fuck outta here …”

*”OBAMA!!!” (shouted in my face)

*Stony silence (from a guy carrying a McCain placard)

*Shakes head sadly

Out of 75-100 voters questioned at various polling locations around Northwest, only one would admit to voting McCain. Lonnie, a 47-year old African-American man, didn’t want to give his last name. I asked him why he supported McCain over Obama.

“Every time McCain opens his mouth, a good decision comes out. It’s hard to tell you. In 47 years, I never seen a guy like Obama. Never.”