Emily Richardson, pictured below wearing a beet costume, lives in Mount Pleasant where she is politicking against McCain. (Of course she lives in Mt. P. Hello? She’s wearing a fucking beet costume.) But Emily Richardson, like so many of you hypocrite D.C.ers who espouse to love your city, voted where her parents live. These people are all over this District whining about politics. We even have these sorts of people on our own staff at City Paper. I’m sorry to publicly call you out (Ruth Samuelson and, I am shocked to find out, Dave McKenna), but adult up, people.

If you’re going to vote, vote where you live. Vote for candidates who represent you, not your parents. When you turned 18 some time ago, you were given the right to be an adult. I, for one, want you to live up to it.

Do you hear me, Emily Richardson? You may care enough to wear a beet costume several days after Halloween and carry artful anti-McCain signs, but you do not care about Mount Pleasant. If you did, you’d register in D.C., you’d vote for your local ANC rep and for your at-large councilperson and you would vote for Eleanor with the hope that some day Eleanor’s vote will count, too. Until you do, I do not abide your beet puns; I do not support you telling me, a District voter, how to vote.