The first polls are about to close, and Mister Lloyd is spending Election Day with his family. They’re all working past dark at Lloyd’s V St. Barber shop, Spotts, which has been on the street for a year but in business for 40. Rodney Pringle (above) works on a close shave while Tommy Comer sits in the second barber’s chair, holding daughter Kira and watching a small corner television. Rico leans up against the wall, filling out the small operation’s skinny row-house. Another customer waits outside, in a pastel button-down and tie, waiting for his last election season cut.

Lloyd (above) says he’s excited about Obama; he’ll be staying up, watching the shop’s television, until the election is called. Nine-year-old Kira isn’t so sure she’ll make it. “I might fall asleep,” she says.

The family might be persuaded to put down their shears in the event of a McCain victory. “We’re gonna tear the city up,” says Pringle. “Damn right. Be looking for me.”

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