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Bill Mallison, a friend, cast his vote for John McCain in the contested state of North Carolina (CNN initial polling projected the state at 50% Obama, 49% McCain, though Obama has now broken away). Mallison may be an out-of-state voter, but he is, at the moment, physically in the District (photo evidence above).

Mallison says he supports McCain despite the messy election cycle he’s emerged from. “If you ignore all the election pandering, which you have to do in order to shore up all wings of the party, he hasn’t changed,” says Mallison. “He’s the same politician he was in mid-2007. As bad as the Republican party’s been, after Tom Delay and Rove, it’s important to support the moderate wing of the party. And the moderate wing’s about gone because Delay and Rove killed most of the moderate Republican members of Congress. And McCain is basically all the things that a Republican wants in Republican, subtract all the insane token positions like stem cell research and gay marriage amendments and no prescription drug importation and torture. That being said, it’s not the party’s time to win. It’s the Democrats’ time.”

I, too, once voted for John McCain, for Senator of Arizona (totally won). Perhaps it was even my very vote that encouraged McCain to quench his unspeakable thirst for unparalleled international power. My bad.