Tomorrow morning, Brian Komar will pinch himself. IF, that is, Obama wins. IF, that is, the GOTV organization he helped put together in Virginia helps deliver the state to Democrats. For now, he’s drinking a beer and welcoming other like-minded progressives to LeftBank on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. Komar, 36, works for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which is unaffiliated with the efforts he and other “leading influentials” have put forth on behalf of progressive politics.

The group operates under the umbrella name Change Is Coming; Komar came to it through NEXT, a PAC he co-founded that “did a bunch of work in West Virginia” back when it was a swing state, he says. “This time it’s Virginia, and we’ve been raising money to do get out the vote there.” Change Is Coming has hosted monthly happy hours, and Komar hastens to add that LeftBank has been great. City Desk struggles to understand the quotidian mechanics of politics, but it seems like social networking is a component here.

Inasmuch as atmosphere can be charged with cautious optimism, the atmosphere at LeftBank is charged with cautious optimism. People are drinking, having fun, wearing nice-looking sweaters. Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” is playing; no one seems to want to be the first to take things for granted.

Tonight Komar says he expects “over 300 paid RSVPs” and “50 or so walk-ins.”

“It’s not in the bag until tomorrow,” he says, responding to my question as to whether he thinks this election is in the bag.

And what about the spotlight?

“You walk into a party, you want to have something special,” he says. He has been smiling the whole time we’ve been talking.