2400 Block of 18th Street NW, October 15
2400 Block of 18th Street NW, October 15

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It’s 10:30 on Election Night and you know you are so shut out at Busboys & Poets. Well, there’s plenty of room for you on the 18th Street strip! We here at City Desk are here to serve those looking for a beer and some blue-staters. (And also, these bars are close to our offices.) Here’s a fairly complete rundown of what’s happening:

Saki: Suck-i. Skip it.
Asylum: TV’s on. So is the metal music. Don’t come in if you don’t have a tattoo.
Subway: Your sandwich artist is waiting with your six-inch meatball.
Bossa: TV’s on, but the band’s setting up. It’s Mojai, “alternative funk.” A manager says they’re going on later than usual, about 11 p.m.
Madam’s Organ: Election TVs on three floors, but you’ll have to endure a cover and Old Man Brown, a blues band (well, duh). BONUS: Bill Duggan may be lurking angrily inside.
Tryst: TV’s on but it’s tiny. Everyone else is more interested in themselves. It’s Tryst.
Diner: Ka-ching! People are cashing in their 10 percent off cards gleaned today at area precincts. TV’s on, but so is the glam rock. It’ll probably be Madonna or the Ramones by the time you get there.
GranDCentral: A good spot to see returns. TV’s on Brokaw and turned up loud, $3 domestics all night.
Rumba: Rum-bad. Skip it.
Color Me Mine: Closed. Sorry, Cherkis. You’ll have to paint pottery another night.
Toledo Lounge: My go to. Switching between the Caps game and election results, will switch over to all-election after hockey, in true Toledo style. Also, it’s “Ladies Night.” (Not really, the bartender was being ironic.)

Black Squirrel: Adams Morgan’s Busboys & Poets. It’s packed, mostly with law students from American U. Party organizers Alex Bell and Kerstin Mikalbrown are holding court. They came in on a slow Saturday to watch football and decided this new A-Mo hotspot would be just the ticket for their ticket.
Ventnor Sports Bar: Election upstairs and down below.
Angles: Party faithful skewing the demo. Let’s say they are bar-goers of a certain age.
Pharmacy Bar: Smoke much? Go here.
Tom-Tom: TV’s on, no fights yet. The frat boys are still doing funnels at home.
Heaven & Hell: Hell, who cares? Skip it.
Columbia Station: Hot Jazz Tuesday Night
Nolan’s: Boy, didn’t take long for this lame bar to go under, did it?
Bourbon: Come on in, the beer’s warm. Just kidding. $3 drafts and homemade punch, “Place your new world order at the bar.” I have to say this: Barf.
Prince Cafe: Either finally closed for good or in its death throes. Poor lonely hookahs.
Felix: First the election, then the dancing. But no, and we mean it, tennis shoes. Seriously.
Eighteenth & Red: Eighteenth & Dead. Skip it.
Millie & Al’s: Eight TVs all tuned in, $3 Miller Lites, 1/2-price pizza (eat it quick, that way you won’t taste it much). Good crowd, mostly a sausage-fest, so good for sausage lovers.
Bukom Cafe: What election, mon?
The Reef: Election on the plasma on the main level, pretension as per usual throughout
True Story Tavern: NKOTB. A fine place to watch returns. Specials include $3 Bud Lights, $3 “Obamabombs” (kamikaze shot with blue curacao), $3 McCain Slamas (Alabama slammers), and $3 draft and rail drinks. Good crowd, friendly but not too. I question the wisdom of $3 Alabama slammers, but it’s early yet.

So, to recap, your best bets: GranDCentral, Toledo Lounge, Black Squirrel (if you want to get it on with American U law students), Ventnor, Bourbon, Millie & Al’s, True Story. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

(Excellent photograph by Darrow Montgomery)