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Preliminary stuff: This report is based on 20 of 143 precincts.

D.C. At-Large Race:

Kwame Brown: 46.7 percent Michael A. Brown: 19.4 percent Patrick Mara: 12.6 percent Write-ins: 10.6 percent Mark Long: 3.5 percent David Schwartzman: 5.2 percent Dee Hunter: 2.1 percent

On the late results: Mary Cheh, Ward 3 councilmember and general oversight hawk, slammed the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics for taking it slow on the results. The board, says Cheh, was “overcautious.” Board staffers, reports Cheh, took a long time to read the digital cartridges with vote tallies and then spent more than an hour reading over the numbers. “I went back there and told them this was getting to be ridiculous. Where are the results?”

UPDATE: Schwartz has left her campaign party, headed home for bed. That doesn’t constitute a concession, she says. “I feel better now than I did after the primary. This was a more energizing effort.”