I just got back from the DC for Obama party at Station 9 (on U Street), which was ca-raaaaaaaay-zee! The first floor was packed from wall to wall, with a huge screen showing CNN to masses of people standing in the middle section of the restaurant. Upstairs, there was a V.I.P room. I was told that many of the hardworking volunteers, canvassers, and extra devoted devotees would be there. Instead, I found a guy who knew a guy that worked at the restaurant, and a bunch of Spaniards. Whatever. Party’s going strong still, I’m sure.

First floor of Station 9. Creative Obama t-shirts and attire abound.

Right to left: Asewe Onyango, Allyson Little, Shane Gooding,who all volunteered for Obama over the last year.

The crowd right in front of the CNN screen.

Pushpam Jain and John King, who canvassed and fundraised, respectively, for Obama.

Frederick Isasi, Senate staffer for Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, with family, friends, and the party’s littlest Obama supporter (check out that t-shirt).