1. Obama and the Mythical Beasts by Andrew Beaujon

2. Police Tape: 11th and Girard NW by Jason Cherkis

3. High Heel Race D.C.: Tonight by Amanda Hess (The Sexist)

4. Strauss Arrested for Drunk Driving by Mike DeBonis

5. Is This McCain’s Base? by Jason Cherkis

6. Development at 14th and T: Good News, Bad News Edition by Jule Banville

7. D.C. Brunch Culture: It Sucks by Jule Banville

8. Loose Lips Daily (Oct. 29 edition) by Mike DeBonis

9. Palin Talks Science, Fails by Jason Cherkis

10. High Heel Race Seeks Volunteers by Amanda Hess (The Sexist)

Photo by Flickr user iceplee