Yeah, we know, you’re still in a post-coital stupor over Obama‘s victory last night, and all you want to hear are sweet nothings whispered in your ear about our country’s new love object/president-elect. But in a brilliant counter-intuitive editorial strategy, we at City Paper are following up the most historic election since 1876, when His Fraudulency stole the race, with our latest Food Issue. We think it’s better than a McCain presidency.

Inside this year’s issue, devoted to the fussier side of food, you’ll find:

  • Jule Banville on whether the New York Times‘ ultimate chocolate chip cookie is worth the multi-day prep.
  • Ruth Samuelson on diners with fake food allergies.
  • Anne Marson on the fear and loathing of plastic bags at farmers markets.
  • Mike DeBonis on the fussiest menus in the area.
  • Darrow Montgomery and Jule Banville on the step-by-step process that food stylist Lisa Cherkasky follows to get a dish photo-ready.
  • Me on a quest to find the area’s most obsessive chef.

It hits the stands and the Internet tomorrow.