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I have a friend who hates cilantro, which tastes like soap to him. We’ve learned to cook around his fussiness, which, believe me, is a bitch when making a good salsa. I have another friend who claims to get headaches when eating anything made with non-organic oils. I don’t cook for him anymore (only joking, Kelly!).

These are the only phobias/allergies I have to deal with in my personal cooking life. The area’s chefs, on the other hand, have to confront an army of hypochondriacs in their dining rooms, many of them merely faking allergies because they’re too embarrassed to admit they just don’t like certain ingredients.

In our new Food Issue, staff writer Ruth Samuelson talks to a few of these fakers—-and to the chefs who wish they’d just act like grownups. It’s a good read. So read it already.