At Prince of Petworth, a reader worries over the aftermath of a stabbing at 11th and Otis:

“Part of what makes me really sad about this is that there are kids that live right near that intersection. Like right abutting the intersection, the coolest kid in Columbia Heights lives there and I hate to think of her being scared because of this happening. When I was a kid living in a pretty good neighborhood, someone broke into my dad’s car in our drive way. Anyway, it really scared me… I can’t imagine what it does to a kid to know that someone was stabbed (and most likely killed) right there.”

Pop Cesspool boasts that it has the most essential election-night clip from 14th and U. Sexist has some pretty great video too. And yet… 14th & You has no footage! Where were you? Instead, it has an update on the redevelopment of an old Whitman-Walker building.

Intangible Arts as an update on the record store that will not die.

Finally a local blogger cleans out their blogroll. Bloomingdale (for now) clears out the dead blogs and added a few great ones.

Life in Mount Vernon Square remarks on the changes to ANC 2C. Theresa Sule writes:

“Thank you to everyone who voted to bring about change to ANC2C. We have prevailed now the work must begin. We must work hard to make this a well functioning ANC….

I am glad a change has come to ANC 2C and I am even happier to be a part of it. I will do my best to represent my Single Member District and make sure that the voices of our citizens participate in all issues that affect our neighborhood.

Now let’s hope that President Obama will give full voting rights to Washington, DC as he has voiced on multiple ocassions. It will be interesting to see what impact if any this decision will have on on Washington, DC’S Advisory Neighborhood Commission.”

Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could reports that a zoning analysis of SW will begin very soon: “The DC Office of Planning will kick off their analysis of zoning in Southwest in January 2009 with a community-wide public meeting. It was originally scheduled to begin in late Summer, but apparently has been delayed.”

Critic John Leonard dies.