Monday, in the theater world, is pretty much universally a “dark night” — meaning theaters don’t schedule performances then. It’s the night actors get to socialize, the night light-board ops get to catch up on their TiVo’d Gossip Girl, the night stage managers get to spend time with their stamp collections.

Except when there’s a benefit, or an awards banquet, or a one-off gala to be staged: Because most theaterfolk work a Tuesday-Sunday schedule, these special-event things tend to cluster on Mondays.

To wit: Tonight’s “Where Are You Taking Me,” the capstone of a day-long musical-theater symposium hosted today by Arena Stage and Georgetown University.

On the playbill: songs from nearly a dozen musicals-in-progress, including Signature Theatre’s Giant. The singers? They include a young man you need to hear: Jobari Parker-Namdar, who’s been doing small parts and cabarets around town, and who’s got the vocal chops and the charisma to make a career out of this thing, if I’m any judge. Show’s at 8, at Georgetown’s Gonda Theatre, and it’s free and open to the public. Wanna go? Call Arena at (202) 488-3300.

Speaking of cabarets: Will Gartshore (that’s him at the piano, with the hooch … stole that right off his Facebook page) has put together an evening called Perfect/Finite, which the PR types are calling “an hour-long musical scrapbook consisting of unforgettable moments, missed opportunities, and temporary thrills.”

(I’m soooo just gonna let that last item lie there.)

More from the flacks: It’s a night of “stories of auspicious beginnings, messy endings, and love’s beautiful flaws. The program is a bold and eclectic combination of pop, contemporary theater music and art songs and includes gay themes and content.”

It’s also tonight — and next Monday, the 17th, at Round House Silver Spring. Tickets $15, at 240-644-1100 or at the Round House site.