Washingtonian‘s Garrett Graff files the latest dispatch in the ongoing Malia-and-Sasha watch.

He’s betting on Maret—-not Sidwell, not GDS. (How come NCS never makes any of these shortlists? The Episcopalians need some PR help!)

Within Graff’s CW rehash, with a dash of circumstantial insight sprinkled atop, is a vomit-inducing abuse of anonymity:

“The school is a warm, diverse, caring environment where everyone is treated the same,” says one Maret parent who begged anonymity. “The kids are fiercely loyal to the school and each other. Students are valued for themselves and not for their parents occupations or bank accounts.”

Lemme get this straight: First, someone would “beg” for anonymity while delivering a rah-rah, self-serving, anodyne quote pumping up how wonderful and diverse their kids’ school is, and second, Graff would actually cave?

How hard is it to get a parent to say nice things about their kids’ school on the record?