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Personal Plea: To all District residents who ran for office last Tuesday, please take down your campaign signs! Some of you lost big time (Dee Hunter, sorry), some of you inexplicably won (Paul Strauss), and some of you didn’t have to bother with signs at all (Kwame Brown). All of you need to remove your signs from city lamp posts, street corners, traffic islands, major intersections, and random tree boxes!

Intangible Arts has a rundown of some crazy-ass show you missed. Let’s focus on the first band:

BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT: A deliberately short set this time (the audio file clocked in at exactly 13:13, how spooky). A brief sonic buildup followed by a large, stomping, improvised, freeform freakout of distorted electronics and tremolo-chopped wordless howling vocals. It was a childish tantrum of noise, soaked in psychedelic paranoia. It came back down to earth (more or less) with the pulsing Korg and looping chants. So far, the best description of modern-day BSI is “mean-spirited euphoria”… sounds about right.”

Meanwhile at Black Plastic Bag, Intern Bobby has some great photos of this past weekend’s Dan Deacon show.

The Heights Life is reporting that The Heights restaurant has changed its menu and slashed its prices.

Mount Pleasant still can’t sustain a decent blog! Climbing The Mount hasn’t posted since early August. Will its last post really be about selling your art at Tonic? Thanks to this blog for pointing it out.

Congress Heights On The Rise has a rundown of community events for the week.

Pop Cesspool invents some awesome new sign language.

Prince of Petworth responds to a reader question: Why didn’t you write more about the recent series of shootings? PoP mentions City Paper’s excellent coverage—thanks PoP—and then goes on to state something we’ve long believed. People obsess over crime too much!

PoP writes:

“But of course the real reason I didn’t post about each individual shooting was because I didn’t want to obsess about it. Believe me, I was very upset, frustrated, sad, all the emotions I feel after I hear about a shooting. (And I’ll gladly post anything that one thinks can help the situation).

But the thing is, when I write about shootings people obsess about it. I know that sounds harsh but I can’t count how many times people say Petworth is a crime filled slum or other such tripe after a shooting. The fact of the matter is that the shootings are devastating but number one, thankfully, they are not terribly common and two they don’t represent what day to day life is really like in Petworth for me.”

Fair enough. We’ve made a decision to keep covering the Petworth shootings. Why? A) The shootings are still an under-reported event—we are learning more every day about them; B) Petworth residents seem to genuinely—not freakishly—be concerned about the shootings; and C) D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier promised a beefed-up police presence and attention to the shootings. We need to see if Lanier and the 4D cops are truly showing up and patrolling.

Last night we did some filming in Petworth—talking to residents, staking out one troubled corner and running into a surprising threat. The videos should be up today. So stay tuned.