At the Yum’s on Kennedy, we set up shop last night to film patrons on the recent Petworth shootings. Things were going just fine. It was after 11 p.m.

Then a lady came running towards us. She had a warning for us.

Something about a dog on the loose.

She ran into the Yum’s. We saw the dog—a pit bull. And yes, I admit, I scurried into the Yum’s. Ted, I admit, played it cool. Even though they were safe inside, people screamed some more. I may or may not have screamed like an eight-year-old.

Eventually, I calmed down enough. Ted got some footage of the pit bull. For City Desk. We are very brave. We should be given an award or a free lunch.

We also captured the musings of one Petworth resident about pit bulls, a recent stabbing, violence in general, the police, and Obama:

[media id=”71″ width=”352″ height=”308″]

Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube version.

Video by Ted Scheinman