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Happy Friday morning, and best LL wishes to Carrie Sunshine Brooks on her nuptials today. Gonna be an abridged, print-media-only LLD today, as LL and his colleagues are scheduled to get together early today for a all-day Web seminar. WOO!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“Strauss Flashed Senate ID to Cops Before Arrest”; “OCTO Mountain Getaway Cost Taxpayers $23K”

Mary Cheh stays on Board of Elections and Ethics’ ass at special committee hearing, WaPo reports. BIG QUESTION—-Where was BOEE Exec Direc Sylvia Goldsberry-Adams? WaPo reports she “did not appear because of a last-minute scheduling conflict,” but yesterday there was talk of a “medical emergency.” Cheh pointed out to LL that over the course of a four-hour hearing, no other BOEE staffer showed nor was written testimony submitted.

AND SURPRISE—-Sequoia ain’t turning over their software: “The call for source code and other proprietary information from our company is unwarranted, and we will continue to defend our position on this issue.”

Jonetta Rose Barras calls on mayor to “seriously consider making changes in the board and staff leadership.”

Oof: The Council’s honeymoon with the WaPo editorial board didn’t last long. Legislators gets a scolding over lottery contra

Yet another instance of ticket tusslin’, David Nakamura reports: “Seems that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s administration…will receive 150 [inauguration parade] tickets to distribute to staff and others….How the mayor divvies up the tickets is what’s under dispute….Rumors have circulated among members that Fenty is planning to give the 13 council members no more than 30 tickets in all. That has not sat well with Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D), who told Inauguration Watch that he will seek a 50-50 split with the mayor. “

Harry Jaffe ponders the council budget cuts and whether the “honeymoon [is] over.” “No way, is the word from inside the council and in the halls of power. Fenty is still too popular and too agile. The honeymoon has become a long-term affair, with Fenty still the boss.”

A prosecutorial d’oh: Most charges against Ikela M. Dean, the DCRA clerk accused of extortion, have been thrown out, writes Del Wilber in the WaPo. “In throwing out the charges, [federal judge Reggie] Walton agreed with Dean’s defense attorney, Antoini M. Jones, who argued that his client had not bribed or extorted the businesses because they actually owed the late fees. At worst, Jones argued, Dean could have been charged with embezzlement or theft from the D.C. government. Prosecutors never filed such charges.” Examiner also reports, buries the lede.

Biz Journal writes up the 14th-and-T upscalefurnituregate story that our own Jule Banville has so ably reported on. After our coverage, Jonathan O’Connell writes, “The community flipped…[prompting] furious Web postings, a petition and letters to Room & Board management asking the company to go elsewhere….’It’s disappointing because we had some very good prospects for that building, you know, locally rooted businesses,’ said Councilman Jim Graham, D-Ward 1. ‘I don’t know how Room & Board feels about being welcomed into a neighborhood. But they’ve got a lot of people angry.'” HMMM—-Wonder what Jack Evans thinks, seeing as how the building is actually in Ward 2.

Police look into bizarre incident in Congress Heights: “[T]hree masked men, all holding handguns, forced a 57-year-old man into his car in the 3800 block of Second Street SE shortly after 8 p.m. The group traveled…to a park area, where the gunmen told the man to remove his shoes and lie on the ground, police said. The gunmen fired multiple shots into the ground around the man, then ordered him into the car and drove back to his home. There, police said, two of the gunmen escorted the man into the house, tied up a 56-year-old woman who was inside and stole ‘multiple items’ from the residence.”

YOUR WAPO INAUGURAL NEWS—-In the parade? Keep moving; eBay won’t be sellling inaugural tickets—-that goes for StubHub, too!

Voting rights “inevitable,” EHN tells the WaTimes.

Circulator service to expand to AdMo, Examiner writes. “The Circulator will travel between Woodley Park and the McPherson Square Metro Station, with stops in Adams Morgan, 14th Street and U Street.”

No deal between Metro and Belgian bank on loan call, WaPo briefly reports. In the Examiner, Michael Neibauer reports that the parties are “still talking.”

OTR employee related to central tax-scam figure sentenced to probation on fraud charges, WaPo reports.

WaTimes has the skinny on street closings and other prep for G-20 meetings this weekend.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-10 a.m.: Committee on Public Works and the Environment hearing on Bill 17-978, DC Alcoholic Beverage Retail Licensing Amendment Act of 2008, and Bill 17-983, Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Act of 2008, JAWB 500; 12 p.m.: Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary hearing on the state of the District’s Emergency Medical Services, JAWB 412; 2 p.m.: Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary hearing on fire hydrant inspections, maintenance, and repair, JAWB 412; 2 p.m.: Committee on Public Works and the Environment hearing on Bill 17-981, Bicycle Safety Enhancement Act of 2008, JAWB 500; 4 p.m: Committee on Public Works and the Environment roundtable on PR 17-0113: District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors William M. Walker Confirmation Resolution of 2008, JAWB 500.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-10:30 a.m.: remarks, Anacostia waterfront revitalization update, Nationals Park, N and Half Streets SE; 12 p.m.: remarks, French Street Park groundbreaking, 10th and French Streets NW.