Good thing he didn’t win.

Adam Clampitt, the PR exec who mounted a spirited at-large council run as an independent, is also a naval reserve officer, and he’s been called up and will be deployed to Afghanistan in January, he tells LL.

On the off chance Clampitt had stayed in the race and won, that wouldn’t have mattered: “I still would have gone,” he says.

Clampitt dropped out of the race in July and, in what many folks saw as a head-scratching move at the time, threw his support to eventual winner Michael A. Brown.

He says he’s likely to be serving as a public affairs officer in Kabul, after a few weeks of training in South Carolina. His deployment, he speculates, probably has something to with Barack Obama‘s presidential win—-seeing as he ran on the promise of sending more troops into Afghanistan.

“I’m not 100 percent sure,” he says, “but the military plans for that stuff.”