Huffington Post reports that President-Elect Obama offered Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State job. Jake Tapper at Political Punch captures the Clinton-for-Sec. buzz as well.

I’m not so sure this is a good idea. Yeah, I know Team of Rivals. But it’s Hillary. And it’s Hillary and Bill all over again. Slate thinks Richard Holbrooke would be the better choice. Do we really need a diva in the State Department? Wouldn’t Hillary try to overshadow Obama? Or is this some stroke of genius? I don’t think this has anything to do with Obama attempting to placate Hillary primary voters.

Huffpo writes:

The offer shows that the Obama team is, in fact, serious about bringing all types of political officials — former foes included — into its governing tent. During the Democratic primary, Clinton was often accused by aides to Obama of inflating or over-dramatizing her foreign policy experience.

As for Clinton, the Secretary of State post offers her tremendous responsibilities as well as a national platform from which, theoretically, she could launch a second White House run. But it also takes her away from the domestic issues, like health care reform, that she seemed poised to tackle as one of the Senate’s leading Democrats.