Prince of Petworth has some pics of the Nehemiah Shopping Center finally being razed. That place was sure hard to kill. Washington City Paper did an obit on the strip mall a few weeks ago.

Life in Mount Vernon Square notices a possible uptick in property crimes:

“I live on 6th St between L and M and I park my car in an alley that is accessible from 5th street. Recently, my neighbors have been the victims of property crime. One had his car window broken into and his stereo equipment stolen and in a separate incident another neighbor had his bike stolen. Both incidents were reported to the police.”

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has a theory on why rents are so high in the traditional commercial corridors.

Dish-trict is in love with Nigella Lawson. The phrase ‘food porn’ is mentioned (of course):

“I mean, besides reminding scores of women that being a domestic goddess is awesome, thank you very much, it’s also pretty easy to assume that the term ‘food porn’ was coined just for her – not because she’s gorgeous (which she is), but because the dishes she blithely threw together on her myriad cooking shows always looked so absolutely, indecently delicious.”

Meanwhile…our own Young & Hungry visits an amazing jerk chicken spot in Chillum.

Pop Cesspool goes after some bad grammar in a really lame Brett Favre jeans commercial.

What’s left for Sarah Palin? Paparazzi picks of her in short shorts. Wonkette declares she’s a slob. Of course.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.