As of yesterday, City Paper‘s office at 2390 Champlain Street, NW is no longer a two-story operation. (The idea is to save on rent while effecting, ahem, a “more perfect union” between edit and web.) So now the old editorial desks languish on the second floor—empty but not forgotten—and the CP staff in toto has divvied up the third floor: the writers, the editors, the salesmen salespeople, the marketeers, the web folks, the ad coordinators, the classifieds folks, and the operations team.  Lion lying down with the lamb, as it were. Or, you know, cats and dogs living together. Whichever you prefer.

Either way, the end of last week was one massive game of musical chairs, as staffers boxed their personal and professional effects, unearthed a few oddities (Cherkis‘ first cover story! Amanda Ripley‘s alarm clock! A headless photo of David Carr!), and reminisced. A stirring scene.

Watch it below.

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