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Reporters, editors across the District of Columbia rejoice, for Peter Nickles need not be referred to any longer as “acting attorney general,” “interim attorney general,” or “attorney general designate.”

His nomination passed the council by a 7-5-1 vote. Chairman Vincent C. Gray plays kingmaker—-er, attorneygeneralmaker—-Carol Schwartz rides into the sunset (and perhaps a Fenty administration job?), Marion Barry and Harry Thomas Jr. register protest votes, and Kwame Brown wusses out.

For the blow-by-blow, consult LL’s Nickles Vote Liveblog!

Phil Mendelson already has a statement out: “It was important that the full Council discuss and decide the Mayor’s nominee for Attorney General. The Council has now expressed its support for Mr. Nickles. I know Mr. Nickles is a professional and will continue to support a positive working relationship with the Council. I will do all I can to work cooperatively with Mr. Nickles. Working together is in the best interest of our clients: the residents of the District of Columbia.”