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*A “near-certainty” is how one account puts the chances that Eric Holder will become the country’s next attorney general. Most of the accounts of Holder’s past service are glowing, with the standard Washington pundits saying all the right things about the guy. But any good vetting of this man’s past has to include his tenure as U.S. attorney for D.C., and on that front, the accomplishments aren’t so overwhelming.

*Winter cold “coming on strong,” as if you couldn’t figure that out for yourself.

*LottieB makes a superb point about the crowded Whole Foods on P Street. LottieB points out that if you head there on weekends, get in the store before 11 am. Anytime after that, she says, you’re sunk. My family has a new metric for success in household finance management: How long you can go without stepping foot in Whole Foods. Long live Peapod!

*OK, a smart expert on urban affairs says on his blog that Mount Pleasant is the best neighborhood in D.C. Now, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and Mount Pleasant is certainly a nice place, though it’s a bit congested, the retail strip is woeful, and the neighbors are painfully divided over everything. But the point is that this whole question of what’s the best neighborhood in the District has been scientifically settled by a crack team of experts.