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* The Washington Post alerts us to the perils of Inauguration housing:

“We warned people, saying, ‘Don’t price gouge. The world is coming here. We’re welcoming the world,’ ” [Park City, Utah spokesperson Myles] Rademan said. “We hope that places like the Chamber of Commerce in D.C. are going through a campaign to just ask people to be nice.”

Oh wahhh, Utah. Do not deny us our patriotic duty as Americans to make serious bank on this. I can fit a baker’s dozen of Democrats in my home at $1,000 a head. What are you doing for your country?

* Watch out, reporters: Jean-Claude Van Damme is very good at hitting on you. From a transcript of Newsweek reporter Sarah Ball‘s interview with the actor:

I really opened myself up in “JCVD.” I peeled back the skin of the fruit, cut the pulp and then took that very hard seed. In this film I cut that hard seed, and inside that seed was a kind of liquid cream substance of the man I am, or the woman you are. . . . It was like being naked—-I would love to be naked in front of you. . . . Not being naked being naked. I say such things in Hong Kong and they thought I was being a crazy Frenchman. Being naked of protection.

* Mr. T in D.C. wears shorts.

* Upset the Setup thinks Castro is hip-hop.

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