The Trek District is “Aggressive. Edgy. And entirely progressive. The District’s where things happen. It’s fast, unapologetic, and, well, not for everyone. You either get it or you don’t. For those that do, the District offers an experience unlike anything else out there.”

Well, that sounds like, you know, Morton Kondracke wrote it. This edgy and entirely progressive town deserves, no, DEMANDS a singlespeed bike with a revolutionary belt-drive chain that there’s like no chance in hell you’ll ever have to spend more than a minute or two hunting down a replacement for. Still, stuff to like here—a very sensible chainguard, and a saddle and grips that evoke the golden age of cycling (though these are set off a bit by the giant orange rims).

Portland has a bike. So does Valencia. New York, Seattle, and freaking Las Vegas have their own, too. So it’s about time we got a bike named after us, even if for all I know this is named after the Garment District. And if Trek sends a couple over, Darrow and I will def. give a complete and fair review.