From the streets:

“DId you just say it sent chili down your spine?” —girl on phone, 16th Street NW

“Don’t touch my mouth!” —one guy to another, Adams Morgan

“Fuck you like a unicorn!” —shouted at me as I rode my bike down R Street between 9th and 10th

blond woman: “Have either of you guys been to Vegas?” bald guy: “Yeah, my wife and I went for our anniversary.” older woman: “Sin city!” blond woman: “Did you like it?” bald guy: “Yeah, it was great. We’re going back next spring.” older woman: “Sin city!” blond woman: “Huh. Cuz I’m thinking of going there maybe.” bald guy: “You should totally go. It’s great.” older woman: “Sin city!” -people on treadmills at the gym

Franklin Schneider