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This just in: The inauguration site is live! The inauguration site is live!

For all of you just dying inside wondering: Will Metro run more trains for the inauguration? Will it increase their frequency? The answer is an enthusiastic yes! Yes! Yes!

From the 12th or so press release I’ve received from Metro today:

Metro officials expect extremely crowded conditions on Inauguration Day. Metrorail stations and trains will be packed as people head to the Inauguration, and expect to see even tighter conditions afterward. Expect the crowds to be huge with hundreds of thousands of people expected to be in the nation’s capital not only for Inauguration Day, but for the days preceding it as well.

In other words: Don’t whine about being squished and for god’s sake, lay off the perfume and/or aftershave. Or try walking to gawk at the masses (’cause you ain’t gonna get close enough to see Obama).