For those looking to make a buck off their (probably) Ikea-optimized Northwest townhouse during inauguration week, there’s now an alternative to anonymous/sketchy negotiations made over Craigslist. D.C. area native and “mortgage guy” Andre Butters and a few of his friends have launched “We’re like a for people coming in and out of the city,” Butters explains.

The site, a place “where area residents can list their properties for rent and visitors to the Nation’s Capital can find lodging during Inauguration week,”  differs from similar online classifieds services in that it requires users ante up some personal info and a credit card in order to register— theoretically making the whole inviting-complete-strangers-to-live-in-your-house-thing a little less irrational.

“We’re the safest way to go right now,” says Butters, who points out that, despite the fees charged, 24.95 to list a dwelling and 9.95 to send “10 rental inquiries,” both renters (40 have signed up in the last two days) and residents have been eager to use the service.

Considering this either sarcastic or psychotic anonymous, inaugural rental postfound on Craigslist and seen below, Butters and friends —-by creating a listing system that offers up some kind of accountability— may have stumbled upon a cash cow.

“You asked for change and elected “the one”. Now, we are asking for your change – change WE believe in. For all hardcore fans who want to see the skinny guy, Obamamama and their offspring move into new premises, we will be offering our beautiful 2 car garage as night quarters. We will even put an air mattress, two blankets and two buckets in for your bathroom needs. Two people max. Only three miles to the Capitol, excellent bus lines. No windows, no heat, but hey – it´s the chance to see your new Jesus! Only $ 200 per night if you stay a minimum of four nights. We need $ 500 as a deposit, cash only please. You will not be allowed in the house because we want to make sure nothing is missing after your leave. We will give a ten percent discount if you agree to do a proper cleaning of the garage, the roaches and bugs can be a nuisance. We will only rent to people who come with references!”