A ghoulish sequence of events in Chevy Chase, a part of the District known for its Mayberry quality: Michael and Virginia Spevak, both in their 60s, were found dead at their home on the 5300 block of Belt Road. Their car, a 2005 Toyota Scion, was found torched in another neighborhood. City Desk coverage with pics of wreckage.

Is change possible when Tom Daschle is sitting in a Cabinet post?

Can we please see an end to these predictable Republican Party post mortems?

Little chance that D.C. region is serious about giving us a real winter.

Speaking of winter, the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden skating rink down on the Mall is rocking these days. You’ll find a lot of people down there skating very poorly. More poorly, I’d say, than your average cross section of tourists and locals would be expected to skate. It’s not entirely attributable to poor skating skills across the country. The problem, in large part, results from dull skates. I went down there with a family member this weekend, and the person couldn’t stay up because the person’s skates constantly failed. They were duller than a butter knife. Tried to exchange them for sharper versions, but no dice. They guy at the rental booth said that when people want sharper skates, they bring their own. Now there’s a winning operation for ya.

How many bailouts can we pull off before we all sink?